dimanche 30 mars 2008


Now that I've finished Gifted (soon available to be, on Foolstrip.com), I can start my other projects.

The next step is 4 pages for Astrolabo 2, for the Caen Convention ( 5&6 April)

But the next big one (along with Will Wrestle which will come back very soon. Really. So don't you dare start crying) will be...


(written by Kid)

I still have to finish Jamais Mort...

Some thing for Highlight Comics should come out quickly.

Eventually, something titled R-evolution.

And half of it should be done by the middle of April.

Oh boy.

lundi 17 mars 2008



I'll try to do a page about this, but thanks to a (false) warning bomb at the Salon du Livre, Isma and I could spent the whole afternoon with Pope. I can die happy now.


The Colibri ( a character from his next french project):

Corto Maltese:

A wolf:

He offered me a pencil with which he mad the effect around the wolf and he offered the red one to Isma.

We're supposed to meet next year. Ok-ayy!

mercredi 12 mars 2008

Bob's Amazing Life

Juts received this yesterday:

Seth should have been king of the world.
Special thank to his mother who shares Seth's artwork everyday there.

dimanche 2 mars 2008


Kingdom Come :

each panel has a different artist :
01 Seth Fisher
02 Darwyn Cooke
03 Mike Oeming
04 Franck Quitely
05 Carlos Pacheco
06 Jack Kirby
07 Kyle Baker

I'm not proud of what I've done on every one (some panels doesn't look like at all to the original style) but still, it was fun.

X-Force's réinterpretation graphique