lundi 17 mars 2008


I'll try to do a page about this, but thanks to a (false) warning bomb at the Salon du Livre, Isma and I could spent the whole afternoon with Pope. I can die happy now.


The Colibri ( a character from his next french project):

Corto Maltese:

A wolf:

He offered me a pencil with which he mad the effect around the wolf and he offered the red one to Isma.

We're supposed to meet next year. Ok-ayy!

2 commentaires:

michael a. gonzales a dit…

...paul pope is god. i love these pictures. thanks for sharing.

stephane a dit…

rhaaaaaaaaaaaa je vous hais les gars

La chance .. Pope ... un des dessinateurs que j'aime le plus .; salaud ^^

Mais bon , vous en avez bien profitez , vous avez bien raison

je vous hais qd même ;)